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New year, new snow gods?

Happy New Year Happy Hippies!

We've been busy ski builders nestled in our shop in Ogden dreaming of another ski year like last season. So far the snow accumulation has been a bit disappointing, at least in our corner of the woods. I'm thinking I might even get my car washed to try and taunt Mother Nature into sending a big storm. We're all superstitious about something, and snowstorms and the last run of the day are no exception. In our house, when snow is in the forecast we discuss it in whispers so as to not scare the storm off and we always talk about doing a 2-1 run when we ski because you never call it a last run or you get hurt. Thinking of superstitions and beliefs about winter has me wondering if the ski community has been praying, dancing, and sacrificing to the wrong gods this year. Let's take a look at the most popular so-called snow god and a goddess who may be new to you.

Ullr comes from the Norse pantheon and is the son of Sif and the step-son of Thor. He was never named the god of anything but was a very skilled skier and hunter. This hasn't stopped ski resorts across North America from creating festivals in his honor each year. The biggest celebration "Ullr Fest" happens in Breckenridge the first week of December. Our very own Nordic Valley held an event in November to celebrate Ullr. We were up there selling gear to help people get ready for the season. To end the night there was a bonfire dedicated to Ullr to ask him to send snow. The lack of snowfall so far has us wondering if there are other snow gods that we should try to petition.

Skadi is my personal favorite ski goddess. She also comes from the Norse pantheon. She is daughter of Thiazi the frost giant and is goddess of Winter, Skiing, Mountains, and bow hunting. It would be hard to find a more worthy goddess to petition for snow in our mountains so we can go ski!


As I write this post I am snuggled up in my Skadi hat that I crocheted. I phonetically translated SKADI into nordic runes and turned it into a hat pattern. I love to wear it all winter long.

Do you have any favorite snow gods or skiing related superstitions? Let us know in the comments!

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My 10 year old corrected me today when I told them at the top of the lift that this would be our last run of the day. “Mom! no! You can’t say that! It’s our 2-1 run of the day!”

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