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Welcome to the Happy Hippy Skis Family!

We are so happy that you are here!

Skiing is our passion and we put that passion into each item we make. We strongly believe it is our responsibility to protect the wild places we like to play. That is why we strive to make high quality gear with natural materials.

Our founders Liz and Caleb love to go on adventures of all kinds. They enjoy skiing, mountain biking, hiking, camping, and spending time with family and friends. They also love to create beautiful things. Liz is a fiber artist with a love for wool products and Caleb has a passion for woodworking. Together they are the Happy Hippy Family.

Our ski building journey began in 2017 when we started to experiment with creating our own skis. We started with materials from a ski building kit and a press we built ourselves. The first pairs were nothing special but we were hooked on the process and knew we could design and build an amazing, high performing, eco-friendly ski. We have built skis with lots of plastic and almost no plastic. Our first skis were modeled after modern skis which have plastic sidewalls, plastic tip and tail filler, plastic top sheets, and little wood in the core. From there we experimented with making solid wood skis with a hemp fiber base which made for much more eco-friendly skis. They were beautiful but sacrificed the performance modern skiers have come to expect. We have incorporated aspects from both ends of the spectrum to make skis that are as eco-friendly as we can and still have performance comparable to (If not better than) a modern ski. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce, reuse, and up-cycle waste. We collect the sawdust and wood shavings from manufacturing our skis and compost it into our garden. We also collect the plastic shavings and leftover pieces of P-Tex and we are designing future products to make use of these scraps.

We have big dreams about the future of our company and we are excited for you to follow along. Thanks for joining us on this adventure!

Liz and Caleb

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