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12 Months, 2 people, 1 challenge

Have you ever wanted to ski at least one day in every month of the year? Back in early 2023 Caleb and I set out to do just that. It was the winter of a lifetime. We ski toured in October and then had powder skiing in April!! If there was ever a perfect season to try this was it.

We got dumped on in October 2022 and there was enough of a base to go touring up at Alta. Our first day of the season was October 21st. so to complete the challenge we would need to ski each month of the regular ski season and then go hunting for snow from May-October.

November found us on a ski vacation to Arapho Basin in Colorado. This resort consistently has one of the earliest opening dates in the country. We had a blast exploring a new resort and felt spoiled skiing lift access the first weekend in November! This month brought enough snow that we were also able to ski tour when we got back from our trip.

December 2022-April 2023:

Our home resorts were open and we skied at least weekly. We added some cross country skiing in North Fork Park, as well as a ski trip to west yellowstone. There were some lovely ski days with my brothers and their kids. We took a trip to Brianhead in March for some amazing pow skiing in the backcountry

April brough the best powder skiing of my life! You can't see the grin in this picture, but trust me it is there :)

May 2023

We had to start getting creative. We took a ski tour backpacking trip in the tetons. Where we hiked with all our gear plus skis and boots on our backs up to where we could find snow.

June 2023

I checked an item off my bucket list and skied a local chute we call the elevator chute. In the past I had always been too nervous to ski it. The hike up was exciting, as you can see from the picture of me rock climbing in my ski boots.

July 2023

We skied Gunsight at Alta. The wildflowers put on quite the show! It was wild to hike through fields of flowers with the intention of skiing. Eventually we founda ribbon of snow. The snow was littered with pine needles which made for slow going on the downhill.

August 2023

I broke my ankle in a mountain biking crash. For now my record is skiing 9 months in a row! Unfortunately there was no way that I could continue the challenge.

Caleb decided to continue the challenge alone. For the August adventure he hiked up to Leidy peak in the Uintas.

In September he and friend found snow and mountain goats up on Timpanogas.

In October, Caleb took my Dad to Alta and they skied up the albion basin, thus completing the challenge. But it didn't stop there.

I skied a total of 9 months in a row! After breaking my ankle I have been focused on recovery. That said, I still got 11 days of skiing in this season!

Caleb skied a total of 19 months in a row (and counting). His latest ski adventure was May 2024. We'll see how long he can keep this going :)

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1 Comment

Awesome challenge and some beautiful pictures! I’m excited to hear how this year goes.

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