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Let it Snow!

What a year we have had! We moved our workshop twice this year. We moved into a new house. And we somehow found time to build skis. We have been exhilarated, exhausted, frustrated, and grateful to be on such a great adventure.

We started off the summer by moving all our tools and materials to a huge shop that was far away. My parents graciously allowed us to use this space. We spent the next months driving 4 hours to work in our shop, staying for several days and then driving home to work our day jobs. This schedule was brutal and it allowed us to accomplish great things. We designed and built a new ski press. We built jigs for all the lengths of skis. We started processing wood into cores, and top sheets. We watched gas prices rise, and rise, and rise. Finally we graduated from prep work to actual production. We started building skis.

The next phase of our adventure began with the opportunity to get into a house with enough space for our shop. We paused ski production to pack up our belongings and move. Due to some house buying hiccups we lived out of suit cases for a bit and then finally got into our new place. But that was just the first phase of moving. Next we had to move our whole ski building operation, again. We weren't sure if all of our tools would fit into a normal garage after being spoiled with a huge shop. While it is a tighter fit, it is also just a doorway away, instead of a 4 hour drive. The end of summer was a flurry of hard work. We pressed skis nearly every week, except for when we did all the finish work.

After all the chaos and hard work we have some truly beautiful quality skis ready to hit the slopes.

We are excited to introduce you all to the Blizzard Wizard ski! We have 3 lengths available 170cm, 178cm, 186cm. The Blizzard Wizard is our go to ski for conquering the whole mountain with a playful approach. It is stable enough to charge through crud, while still being forgiving enough to enjoy all the side hits. Each pair has a unique book-matched real wood top sheet. We think you are going to love skiing them. Not only do they ski like a dream, they are sure to earn you compliments every time you're on the slopes.

Sneak peek of upcoming projects:

We are project people and we always have side projects going on. One of our more exciting side projects is testing out graphics for skis. Shown in the picture on the left is the Blizzard Wizard. We just got the full image printed on some base material and we will use it to make some prototype skis. If all goes well we can offer this graphic as on option on our skis next year.

We want to wish you all a happy ski season! We hope the holidays bring on the snow.

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