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Blizzard Wizard

Blizzard Wizard


Due to supplier issues we are not currently offering colorful bases :(

We are working on alternative solutions, but for now the only base option is black.


Special order skis are made to order and they will ship 3-5 weeks from the time you place your order. We will keep you updated on our manufacturing timeline.


The Blizzard Wizard is our go to ski for conquering the whole mountain with a playful approach. It is stable enough to charge through crud, while still being forgiving enough to enjoy all the side hits. For the 2024-25 season, the rocker and sidecut have been redesigned to give a more aggresive tip engagement zone with slightly less tip rocker and more aggresive tip taper. The tails are a little more twin tip than before, slipping a little more into the "freestyle/freeride" category of ski.


These skis are made with real wood top sheets. Each pair has a unique book-matched grain pattern and your pair of skis may not match the pattern shown in the photos.


Blizzard Wizard

Category: Freeride/All Mountain

Skier Style: Aggresive, chargy, Playful


These skis are made to order. Custom orders ship 3-5 weeks from order date.
  • Specs


    Tip/Waist/Tail (mm)

    Turn Radius (m)

    Effective Edge (cm)

    192 cm




    184 cm




    176 cm




    168 cm




    160 cm




    152 cm




  • Details

    We have updated the composite construction to have a little less fiberglass, and added some carbon stringers. With the added carbon we were able to get a more lively feel out of our skis that are so stable from all the natural fibers and materials. The new Blizzard Wizard is a little more forgiving, while still being one hell of a chargy ski! 


    We also added a narrower waist-width to the Blizzard family. These skis are going to have the same sidecut and rocker traits as the wider option, but slightly stiffer underfoot for better edge grip. 


    All of these changes have made the Blizzard Wizard family a more approachable all mountain ski that can be enjoyed by a wider range of skiers. Freestyle skiers will love the more twin rocker shape, and they are a little more forgiving for less aggresive skiers. 

    Our reccomended mount point is -6cm from true center. We have designed this ski to handle a wide range of skiers, and they are plenty comfortable being mounted as far forward as -3cm for freestyle oriented performance, and as far back as -8 for a more directional feel.


    For those of you that are holding out for Happy Hippy to make a more true park ski, send us an email telling us why we should have you be a beta tester for upcoming ski models!

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