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Blizzard Wizard Ski

Blizzard Wizard Ski


The Blizzard Wizard is our go to ski for conquering the whole mountain with a playful approach. It is stable enough to charge through crud, while still being forgiving enough to enjoy all the side hits. Extra early taper in the tail makes the ski have a forgiving slashy feel, while still being able to dig into aggresive turns thanks to the extended sidecut in the shovel. The deep rocker lines in tip and tail allow the skis to pivot on a dime.


The semi directional twin tip allows for lots of different mounting options. Factory reccomended mount point is -6cm from true center. Although, the ski can be comfortably mounted as far forward as -3cm and far back as -9cm.


These skis are made with real wood top sheets. Each pair has a unique book-matched grain pattern and your pair of skis may not match the pattern shown in the photos.


Length: 170cm, 178cm,186cm

Waist: 106mm

Sidecut: 19M (178 cm)

Category: All Mountain

Skier Style: Playful, Poppy


    These skis have a real wood top sheet that is treated with our house made blend of oils and wax. Each pair of skis comes with a jar of wax for you to apply to help keep your skis happy.

    We recommend applying our wax blend to your top sheet after 10 days of skiing or when your top sheet appears dry. If you notice any rough edges you can lightly sand them before applying our wax blend.


    We handle returns on a case by case basis. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

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